Leafleur is a grassroots lifestyle magazine, partakery boutique, gallery, and movement that aims to change the perception and stereotypes faced by patients and professionals who partake in medicinal (and responsibly used legal recreational) cannabis. We hope to make a difference via the stories, interviews, reviews, podcasts, and more that we share both created in-house and shared from outside credited sources (with permission). Articles will not be focused solely on the use of cannabis, but on the health conditions faced by those who use it as much as their passions, pleasures, interests, and concerns about their lives in general. We are not just about cannabis: we are about people, and together we can make a difference.

* Dedicated to the millions of medical refugees around the world. *

Have a story you’d like featured on Leafleur? Want to know more about what we’re working on for the cause? Shoot us an e-mail here or send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook (direct messages on Twitter may not be seen right away at the moment – sorry for any inconvenience).

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